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Dental X Ray Has Risks

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Generally speaking, patients would have little to fear from something as mild and mundane as a dental X ray. But the dental x ray shorewood procedure does have risks. No need to be alarmed, readers. All this short overview wishes to do is inform the potential patient. Always remember that the patient will be exposed to radiation. But generally speaking, radiation levels are just so low, so much so that they are considered to be safe for both adults and children.

And so it goes too that should the dentist be making use of digital X rays as opposed to developing on film, there will be even less exposure to radiation. Now, when the X ray is taken, a lead bib will be placed over the patient’s chest, abdomen and pelvic area. Doing this should ensure that there will be no unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient’s vital organs. And in the event of a patient enduring a thyroid condition, a thyroid collar could be used.

This thyroid collar could also be placed on children as well as women still of a childbearing age. And of course, the lead collar will still be applied. If there is one instance where no prospect of a dental X ray is possible, it is this. Pregnant women will not be undergoing an X ray. They should not because by doing so, they could be risking the health of their fetuses. It is deemed that radiation is not safe for the developing fetus. 

Basically, there is little to nothing to fear from having any form of X ray taken. The health services rule remains. Whether they be in general or specialist practice really matters not because only those with the qualifications to do so may take the X rays.